Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Kiss Blogfest...

So I was browsing a writer's blog that I follow recently, and I discovered this mini contest that she's entering. I thought, "why not?" and looked it up. Basically, it's a scene contest of sorts where you can write a scene (or provide one already written, or a video, picture, etc.) about a close call kiss. A scene where your two characters almost kiss...but they don't. There are quite a few people entering too. So to add onto my "why not?" attitude, I decided to go on ahead and enter as well. This should be fun. :)
If, by now, your curiosity has peaked somehow, you can find the No Kiss Blogfest(ivities), along with a video example of how it's done, here. :)
I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I've already discovered an entry by the host herself from a previous No Kiss Blogfest, and let me tell you, she is quite the writer. I'm anxious to see what she comes up with this year. :)
One of her previous entries that I rather enjoyed involved a couple in a movie theater. You can read it here if you like. I have a feeling one reason I enjoyed it so much is because the writer is such a tease, hehe. Plus, the guy in the scene seems like a tease himself.
I am currently planning out my own scene and will be writing on it in the next few days. The No Kiss Blogfest deadline is this coming Wednesday, the 2nd. So be looking for that to magically appear here. :)
I'm probably going to be using this for a little bit of inspiration. It's better when you can see the whole scene. It's from Psych, Bounty Hunters episode. :)

And if you wish to enter yourself, it's not too late to do so. You can enter as late as the day of the deadline. If you so choose to enter though, please let me know. I'd love to see what you come up with! :)

     Call me crazy...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And the madness continues...

So I posted recently about my crazy busy schedule. It's lightened only slightly since then, the reason being that I finally managed to finish and post my Christmas short story. However, I have so many projects I'm trying to finish that my load is lightened only the tiniest bit.
I've come to the conclusion that what I probably need is some sort of schedule for writing. And I think I may have come up with something that just might work. It's not so much of a schedule, as it is just simply setting my priorities. And what I've come up with as far as that goes is this:
  1. Start working on more chapters for Clue, as per request of one certain reader.
  2. Work on a couple of short stories, in hopes to get them closer to being ready to be posted.
  3. Get back to work on my NaNoWriMo novel so I can hopefully at some point reach that 50k mark.
So this is what my writing life will consist of in the next few weeks. With the exception of the No Kiss Blogfest, but I'll elaborate more on that later. I look forward to writing a little more on Clue as well!
And although the excitement had died down for my NaNoWriMo novel, 3,000 Miles Away, I'm beginning to get re-excited about it again. Hopefully sometime soon I can get some actual work done on it and get that much closer to my first 50k novel! :)


Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Short Story

So I've been working on a Christmas short story for a while now, and it's finally finished. Whew. I was determined to have it ready today at the very latest, so I sort of stayed up all night finishing it. But it's done now, and I can finally sleep.
But before I give you the links for the new Christmas short story, it originally was meant for an entry in a little Christmas challenge. I was given a picture and song. The picture I used for the cover. The song was "All I Want For Christmas is You". All I've really known about was the Mariah Carey version. However, I have since discovered the Michael Buble' version, and it fits so much better for the mood of this particular story. If you don't have it, or have never heard it, I suggest you do so now. Go on ahead...I'll wait while you give a little listen. :)
*3 minutes later*
Isn't it great?? I just love that cover. So anyway, yes, this has been a major inspiration for me in the writing process. It really helps keep me in that mood that I need to be in when writing this kind of story.
But, I know, I know, you probably want to go on ahead and read the story already, well ok.

Here it is, my Christmas short story I've been working on for you! :)
Hope you guys like it!

Synopsis: Growing up, Lindsey and Ben were inseparable. Best friends since before they could walk, they did everything together. When both were told the other had cooties, neither ran away. They stuck together through thick and thin. And eventually, Lindsey developed a crush on Ben. Right before graduation and Ben moving off to another college. Now, a year later-and still as head over heels for Ben as ever-Lindsey can’t help but wish to see him for Christmas. The only question now is, will Lindsey get her Christmas wish come true?



     Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Calling all fantasy lovers...

So I had a pretty fantastic night Thursday night. I was unexpectedly able to go see The Hobbit premiere due to a friend of mine having an extra ticket (in 3D) and they really didn't want it to go to waste. I haven't gotten around to reading the books yet, but I definitely will now. I was especially excited to find out that there's a freaking dragon in The Hobbit! Someone forgot to mention this to me. I love dragons!
Anyway, when the movie was over I stayed with my other friend I wound up sitting with, and we waited until all 10-15 minutes of credits played, only to find out that there was not in fact, an end credits scene. But to pass the time, I was explaining to him that I really want to eventually write a dragon book but I'm not sure what to do about it since nearly everything's been done before. He quickly corrected me saying, "Not necessarily."
So I asked him to give me a few examples. His first idea was simply put, brilliant. I so wish I could give spoilers and share the amazingness of this idea. However, it states it in the title: "spoilers". So alas, I cannot share details at this time, but I am super, super excited about writing this. It may not happen for another year or two. But rest assured-it will happen. And my awesome friend has already been promised to be in the acknowledgements page, and he will be getting an autographed copy because he's just that awesome, haha. And I fully intend on keeping my promise.
A main reason of why it may take longer to get around to writing this is because it's in an area of fantasy in which I am not that experienced. Thankfully, I have two pretty beastly writer friends who both know their way around pretty well with the fantasy genre. It could be because that's pretty much all they write. But then, I never heard anyone complain about too much fantasy either. So because they are so good at what they write, I will be going to them for many, many brainstorming sessions. So chances are, they too will get mentions on the acknowledgements page. But the guy who gave me this brilliant idea comes first, hehehe.
So needless to say, I am so freaking excited about this! And to sweeten the deal just a little bit more, I am going to do my best to work out at least one fictional language, preferably two for this upcoming novel. EEEHH!! Looking forward to getting to work on this!!

     Believing dragons truly existed (no, seriously),

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot coffee, hot coffee...

(First off...the title sounded better in my head...)
So I have a lot of projects going on right now. Turns out just because November is over, doesn't mean I slow down much. I'm just as busy this month, and here's why...
  1. I'm trying to finish my NaNoWriMo novel because I have three friends who will never let me forget it if I drop this one. (Apparently, for whatever reason, they think it's good.)
  2. I have at LEAST four short stories I'm trying to finish so I can post them on Wattpad and Booksie.
  3. I also have the next chapter of Clue I'm trying to finish.
So yeah, November may be over, but my schedule is still crazy busy, at the very least, mentally.
On the upside of things, as far as my novel goes, I did think of a good scene to add recently, so once I write that, I'll be sure to update my word counter off to the side here (-->). But mark my words, it will be finished eventually. I don't know when, but it will at least be finished for the sake of me actually finishing something. I'm not sure yet if I'll want to publish it though. Personally, it's not as exciting for me as it was in the planning process. But who knows? Maybe it will actually end up being half decent.
For the short stories, I'm fairly excited about those. The first that will be posted soon is a Christmas short story. The others are little short stories I've done for fun. After a little editing, they will be posted shortly. The genre's range from a couple of mystery/thrillers, to some general fiction. I make no promises that any of them will be below 1,000 words though. Because as I've said before, my brain insists that such things do not exist.
As for the Clue story, I am working on that as well. Please bear with me as this month is just as crazy as November was. Hopefully the speed of writing chapters for Clue will pick up soon.
But for now, it's back to writing I go. I'm hoping to post the Christmas short story by the end of the week. I'm also hoping that maybe my life will slow down so I can breathe soon, haha.

     Trying to remember how to breathe...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Contemplating Camp NaNoWriMo

Call me crazy (though it wouldn't be the first time, and I'd consider it a compliment), but I'm actually seriously considering doing both Camp NaNoWriMo's next year. If you are less familiar with Camp NaNoWriMo, allow me to enlighten you for a brief moment. Camp NaNoWriMo is pretty much exactly like November's NaNoWriMo...except for the fact that it's camp, and it's typically in the summer instead of November. And there's two of them nearly back-to-back. And I'm seriously considering tackling both next year. It's going to be in April and July this year, so I would at least have a two month break in between the madness. Two months to first relax, then plan all over again for the next camp session.
Here's my thing: I'm thinking I need to do this so I can to give myself a kick in the pants so I can finally finish my main project, and its' sequel. I mean, I've been writing on my main project since's what inspired me to really pursue this writing thing. So I kinda think I own it to myself and to my novel-in-progress to finish it, and yes, to one day publish it. I haven't decided yet if I want to make my debut with this novel, but it's at least in the top three of my picks to debut with. And I'm not sure yet how exactly the debut process works, but I'm really hoping I get a say in that. (Which, I'm pretty sure I do...) Then again, I know that also depends on what's popular at the time.
Anyway though, my point is that I'm actually really considering doing both Camp NaNoWriMo's next year. Of course, I do have to take into consideration what's left of my sanity. Then again...I have already been promised cookies if I successfully pull off both Camp NaNoWriMo's. I have to say, that's a pretty tempting offer. I wonder what might happen if I complete the first Camp session, and maybe...halfway complete the second? In any case, I'm feeling like this will be fun, and I'm not going to make a prediction that I will finish. But I will try my very best to finish this time. (Although I do have a good feeling I might actually finish this time...)

     Continuing the madness...

*Note: I blame procrastination issues for not posting this sooner...I'm sorry.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Ok, so I don't know about you, but this girl daydreams...or...I guess I should make that nightdreams to fall asleep. I usually lay there for at least an hour daydreaming about hypothetical scenarios that would probably never happen. But I like to imagine that they would. I sometimes imagine scenes from my books, if I'm trying to plan out a particular scene but can't concentrate any other time.
Or I'll sometimes take my absurd imaginings and work them into a book. I won't go into specifics because that would mean spoilers. But perhaps if persuaded-after I get a book published in the future-I might give a hint as to whether or not one of these daydreams has made it into a book yet. All I can tell you for now as far as that goes, is that when I work a nightdream into a book, it's usually a pretty good scene. But then again, I tend to be bias to my own work sometimes. And then other times, I'm my own worst critic. It just depends on what project it is. But such is the life of a writer.

     Wishing you happy nightdreaming!