Monday, February 25, 2013

Interview in Progress...

So I thought I might should drop y'all a little note explaining in advance how I sadly will not be posting during spring break. I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for Denver, CO on a mission trip with my college group, so alas, I will yet again be MIA for a bit. However, since we are driving up there-yes...we are driving. And I actually prefer that instead of riding a plane seeing as how I have never flown on a plane and am terrified of them.
Anywho, so since we are driving the 18 hours there and back, I am taking a couple of short stories with me, as well as Clue to work on, and will hopefully get some considerable work done on them. I'm going to do my best to try to get at least one of the short stories finished though, if not two of them.
But the point of this post is to say that I am taking about 110 interview questions to narrow down, and I will be interviewing Kelsey and Derek from The Unknown (April Camp NaNoWriMo), and those interviews will be posted here when I get back. I'm thinking there will be between 15 and 20 questions per person. So be looking for that!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Reasons for being MIA

Alright everyone, so my sincerest apologies for being gone so much the past few weeks! But I have good reasons, I promise.
So my college group is going on a mission trip to Denver, CO over spring break, and every spring we do a mission trip fundraiser. It's a musical of sorts where we take different Broadway songs and perform them. In years past, there has also been a Disney montage that was pretty awesome if you ask me. Only this year was a little different because the theme was country. So there was no Broadway, and no Disney. But it was so great! It always is anyway, and the audience reacted so well to everything! :)
I've been going to rehearsals since early January, up until show time this past weekend, so that's where my brain's been the past few weeks. Sadly, this means I've gotten very little writing done. But now that all of the musical theater stuff is done, my schedule's opened wide up. At least for the next week, then my brain will be on the mission trip. I'm taking a blank notebook with me to hopefully get some writing done on the 18-hour drive up there-yes, we are driving. I kinda prefer it that way too. It gives me more time to get some potential writing or editing done.
And then when I get back,  my brain will be back on writing, and hopefully I'll be able to post more short stories and chapters to Clue. So that's what I'll be up to for the month of March. And then come April (dun-dun-dunnn) CAMP NANOWRIMO TIME!!! :D Hoping I can finally finish my novel I've been working on since I was 15.
Overall, I'm hoping this will be a good year for writing, and I have a pretty good feeling it will be. I do, after all, have plans to finish two to three novels this year. :)
But anywho, it's really late where I am now. But I did want to finally explain my absence for so long. I'm going to try my best to get back in the blogging swing of things. Unfortunately, it seems rather easy to fall out of habit, and for that I am truly sorry. Maybe finishing my first novel will make up for it? :)

     Finally breathing after the madness...

PS. To those who have been hinting, or just outright bugging me to get back to it is, finally. Happy now? Hehe. :)